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Honestrends is a unique platform built to host a network of known Muslim artists worldwide showcasing their artworks. These masterpieces inspired by Islamic Art will be displayed in our online store, recognizing the artists as a team to deliver the best Islamic arts only available here to our customers per their demand.

Honestrends members are part of a diverse group of Muslim artists throughout the world under a single umbrella lighting the planet with Islamic art.

These artists are expected to create art that invites the world to Islam via both islamic aesthetics, as well as concept driven art work in a clear, concise, and simplistic manner. Art that captures attention, and intrigues the viewer. Honest trends members gain various benefits such as:

- 75 % of profit sales of their artwork on our platform - Greater online presence as artists under a unified network of recognised artists

- Periodic raffles of prizes to grow in their artistic endeavors i.e. photography equipment, software, etc

- The blessing of enabling others to see Islam through the Islamic duty of Dawah

- Career advancement in the arts as you are working with us. This will supply valuable experience on resumes, as well as the chance to build your portfolio in the art field in order to get ahead as muslim artists

- The chance to network with and meet other artists from all over NY, to the US, to the world!

- Help increase the worlds awareness and appreciation of the great art that muslims produce, as we as artists, are now uniting.

- The most dedicated artists can climb the ranks of Honestrends and gain managerial positions.

We are a community for muslim artists

Honestrends is a unique platform built to host a network of known Muslim artists worldwide showcasing their artworks. These masterpieces inspired by Islamic Art are displayed in our online store, thereby recognizing the artists as a team to deliver the best Islamic arts only available here to our customers as per their demand. The artists and the management team are the main stakeholders of Honestrends for the growth and sustainability of the platform needing a crowdfunding investments from founders, artists, convinced donors and even ventures capitals believing in the future of Honestrends as a brand of a household name in the art industry.

Honestrends as an artistic startup company excels in the digital art design industry. It is a corporation based in New York and hosting worldwide muslim artists selling their art pieces as service or retailed to customers for their growth along with the company from the profit. With the commitment of Honestrends management team, it will fully established itself within a year and be a worldwide brand name in the following two years.

Honestrends Products and Services

We will start off with t-shirts and expand to other products as time and acquisition of equipment enables us to do so. -These graphics will convey an Islamic awareness in multiple facets inspired in cultural artifacts such as:

• T-shirt designs

• Islamic wall art

• Valuable objects

• Portraits

• and more..

Honestrends products and services will be trademarked in order to protect the copyright of the artistic creations and the legal binding between artists and the company. They are unique and different from the competition due to the special message it is conveying to the public.

Honestrends Opportunities

-These diverse Muslim artists will be part of a worldwide recognition network working in teams collaborating, appreciating, inspiring and learning how to convey their talents driven by the beauty of Islamic Art among peers -Our customers will find a one stop shopping portal for the best Islamic art design available out there at any time for anyone to get anywhere.

Honestrends Target Audience

Our target audience is definitely the millennials. They have all to learn from this unique experience. They will share our creations, spread the word to their peers and even be part of this awesome adventure of this new breed of artists. All artists value their freedom of expression and there is no better than cherishing this Islamic art that existed for millennia in this 21st century. The market that Honestrends targets for sales is men and women 25 to 45 years old, with an annual income of $35,000 or more per year.

Honestrends Uniqueness

Honestrends will be a unique platform serving a specific market share of customers looking for an unique type of art such as Islamic Art.

Honestrends Guidelines and Policies

We want to show the world the beauty of Islam through art, expression and display.

We want people to learn about Islam though physical awareness.

We want to show our generation living today world how cool Islam is in fashion, art gallery and graffiti.

We want Muslims to talk about themselves.

We want to create a strong Muslim identity.

We want to condemn terrorism. We want to bring about a positive change.

We want to empower Muslim artists. We want to connect…

We want to spread Islam. We want to give more opportunity to the Muslim community.

We want to inspire and teach others.

We want to be the brand that comes to mind when someone asks about an Islamic Brand.

We will bring 99 Muslim artists together.

We will do crowdfunding. We will organize our message.

We will be professional. We will be fun. We will be cool.

We will be amazing.

We will be unique.

We will be what everyone always wanted but were afraid to do.

We will make a positive difference.

We will spread the message of Islam all over the world.

We will be respected.

What kinds of designs you will not see.

-No faces.

-No Nudity

What kind of designs you will see.



The Marketing Strategy

Our target customers will be reached through a social media campaign. In social media our target customers are mainly where they tend to congregate the Gen Y.

The Financial Request

Honestrends will rely heavily for the growth and sustainability of the platform to a crowdfunding campaign targeting investments from founders, artists, convinced donors and even ventures capitals believing in the future of Honestrends as a brand household name in the art industry.

The Management Team

Honestrends Team/Roles and Responsibilities

Tahir Chaudhry - CEO and Founder- Graphic/Web Designer, Head of Operations
Partner- Muhammad Ibrahim Chaudhry

CoFounders - Hislati Yahya , Basheer Alebdy, Tasmia Ahmed, Adam, Hassan..

Honestrends Members

Tahir Chaudhry- Businessman, Graphic Designer, Photographer

Fatimah: Photographer, Makeupartist, Model, Designer

Hislotjon Sadi (Yahya): Poet, Music Artist, Designer

Stacy Balfe-Luciani: Artist, Painter, B-Boy dancer

Noor Ul Ain: Artist

Zeehan Wazad: Painter, Dancer, Designer, Artist

Tuhin Uddin: Photographer

Julle Salman: Artist

Rija Baig: Student

Sidra Mahmood: Student

Alseny Ba: IT

Sadyia Khalique: Artist, Designer, Photographer

Tasmia Ahmed: Artist, Designer, Publisher

Basheer DaBash Alebdy

Bayann Aburur:

Chaima Zain:

Chen Wei Huang

David Vergara

Faraz Fahd Khan:

Farrah Azam:

Hoda Omar Jaludi:

Ismail Hussayn:

Jahanara Hoque:

Janis Mahnure:

Moez Abou Hamdi:

Mohamed Sabour

Sadyia Khalique:

Sedat aktürk:

Serhat Polat:

Siraj Usmani:

Sohail Qazi:

Tuhin Uddin:

FAQ From Artists

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this going to be like Society6? Like you guys manufacture the designs uploaded in the site?

It is a similar model to Soceity 6, Redbubble, and Cafepress, however we aim to differentiate ourselves by being an Islamic art website ONLY. Insha'Allah, rather than Muslim artists managing their identities and production methodologies in a singular fashion, we hope to create ease of access for these artists to the world of people who are interested in products with Islamic Art by gathering them under one umbrella. Also, we hope that the types of art contributed to the website will be worn in such a way that it will strike visual interest to non-muslims when they see beautiful art work with Islamic flair.

Why is it called Honestrends? How did you arrive with the name?

Honestrends is a combination of two words into one. Honest Trends. We wanted to call it Islamic trends or Muslim Trends but decided to use Honest Trends because "Islamic" and "Muslim" have been used enormously. ( The name is not set in stone, however. We are using this name for the time being until we have the 99 artists. We want to be a democratic entity, and so when we acquire all the artists, we will have a vote if a name change is desired.) Are the products only going to be shirts? c. Right now we are able to print on shirts and canvases. But with time, we aim to expand our product range, inshaAllah.

How many artists do you have now? Who are they? Maybe I know some of them or like I could also suggest some artists I know.

We have about 23 artists so far. For all artists on board, we add them to the Google drive as well as the private Facebook group we have so all artists can view each other's work, and other necessary documents while we build the website and create the site content. Though many art works are uploaded onto Google Drive, not all will be on the websites if they don't comply with Islamic guidelines for what is appropriate in general.

What can this affect me in a personal level as an artist?

Benefits: Networking with other artists, reach of a larger audience in exchange, being part of a community, avoiding the handling of business aspects of selling work (invoices, shipping, customer service, etc), raffles, dawa, are just a few. We will always innovate ourselves to be useful to our artists, as well as the greater community.

Where will the proceeds go? Will it be given to charity?

The proceeds will go back to the Muslim community. This will bring more income to Muslim artists, encourage them to work on creating more Islamic art. That will cause more Islamic Dawa. Once the artists are earning a stable income, we will donate the extra earning to Islamic charities. Then we will offer design and entrepreneurship programs for the Muslim artist so that whoever is part of Hones trends will get free month subscriptions. Some of these subscription would include free access to adobe products, personal website..etc

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