My name is Tahir Chaudhry. I am the founder and creator of TCart. I offer a wide range of services. I love designing and taking photographs. You can learn more about me by liking my FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER .

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From childhood I have been interested in art. Later on as I got older designing became a hobby. The more time I spent doing it, the more I flourished. I decided majored in Graphic Design and graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Communications from Baruch College in the city of New York in 2014. After college I didn’t start working for a design company instead I hustled for design and photography work. This time led me to try new career paths so I decided to go back to college and am working on getting a civil engineering degree and handling construction projects with our family business. My future goals are to have a successful running online business and be able to teach art to those who want to learn while continuing to do construction.


A lot of my work relates back to Islam and the humans quest for knowledge. I wasn’t always very religious and I would consider myself very religious. To some I might seam religious and to some I might not be, but I feel that everyone’s religion is between them and their own quest for knowledge. Islam has given me peace and happiness and I try to show that through my artwork. I hope someday my artwork can speak on it’s own without having any translations. I won’t call my artwork Islamic or religious, I just call it art because I am able to express myself through it.



My mission is to create visually compelling graphics and images to the best of ability and share it with the world. The ideas and feelings I have inside me, I try to display them in an illustration or a painting so that others can see what I feel. One artwork at a time I hope to make a positive difference into the world.