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Drop Shipment Service providers

Following is a brief list of selected links to drop shipment and similar service provider’s websites.






Eye Five 

Equipped to quickly meet all your shipping needs. Advanced tracking system for easy locating of all packages. No upfront costs. Offering overseas shipments as well. holesale-sources.


Safety Technology. 

Offers safety equipment including stun guns, pepper spray, personal alarms, and tasers. Several start up packages available.


leading online computer superstore. In addition to DIY computer components such as CPUs, memory, hard drives, optical drives, hardware, and software, we also provide pre-built systems as well as notebooks, netbooks, tablets, and other peripherals and accessories at competitive prices.

Mega Goods.com 

Site offers to pay 25% of the shipping cost on every purchase. Full list of sale items to choose from.

One kit.com Software Magazine 

Features top 10 list of hot selling items. News and Articles section.


No purchase required until you have sold the item, then they will ship it direct to the customer for you. Large selection of items. Shipping in the USA or elsewhere.

Drop Ship Area 

This site offers information on how to make money as well as possible scams out there to be aware of in this industry.

Drop Shippers .com 

Offers drop shipping secrets. 24 hour customer support.

Drop ship Design 

No transaction fees. Basic plan gives access to over 50,000 products. Offers a data feed plan that sends all information direct to your PC in plain text files.

Liquidation. Com 

Lists of featured products. Great detailed search availed to make finding products easier.

Lowest Priced Clothing 

Guaranteed lowest price on clothing. Free catalog. Money back guarantee. Offering name brand clothing.

Cutting Edge Products 

Has been in business for 15 years. Testimonials. Top selling products. Orders must be for $100 or less. Under $100 will be assessed a $25 fee.

Fair Trade Quilts and Crafts 

Offering unique items including handbags, quilts, tapestries, and scarves.

Native Remedies 

Offering wholesale medicines that are natural.

Stone Edge Technologies, Inc. 

It has been in business since 2000. Offers easy shopping cart integration.

Apex Battery 

Offering at types of batteries. Carries name brands.

Gemini Computers 

Offers a full line of computers and computer accessories.

DH Gate 

Over 200,000 products from China suppliers.

Dakota Steel Art 

Offering stainless steel items.

Drop Ship Connection 

Offers free 25 mb of web space. No tolerance for spam or pornography.

Trade Loop 

Free trial membership. After trial membership $30 per month. Offers computers, computer accessories, and hard to find computer parts.

Mega Goods 

Monthly fee of $14.99. Ongoing free support. Began business in 1999.



How to write copy


Influence Promotion



My name is (Name) and I own (name of store). I was looking through your feed and I really like what you are posting. I have a brand that promotes products that I think your followers would like and I also think we can both make a lot of money together. I’m very interested in doing a promotion on your page. Please get back to me with some rates as soon as you can! Thank you.


– Best regards.



FREE+ Shipping Directions

  • Make sure the shipping settings are the exact same for your “Domestic” and “Rest of world”.
  • If a product costs under $3 change the weight to 0.99lb (7.84 shipping price).
  • If a product costs $4-5 change the weight to 1lb (8.43 shipping price).
  • Also under “packages” change the default weight to 0.0lb, This is also under shipping settings.



Bookmark this page and check off as you go!

  • Buy a custom domain
  • Create custom Gmail AND PayPal for your store
  • Make sure all payment gateways are turned ON
    • Shopify, PayPal, and Amazon pay. Make sure the PayPal gateway is connected to your BUSINESS PayPal.
  • Create the standard business pages
    • Create a: Contact us, About us, Privacy policy, Terms of Service, and Shipping page. (You can generate most of these on shopify). Make sure your BUSINESS email is on all of these pages and also go through them and adjust what they say based on your store.
  • INSTALL FACEBOOK PIXEL AND GOOGLE ANALYTICS (This is highlighted for a reason…. Make sure you install these so that you know EXACTLY who is buying off your website so you can target them!!!)
  • Install important and money saving apps
  • Create a marketing plan
    • Do this before you start on a calendar just so that you’re not a mess when you lunch. Include influencers and prices.
    • Contact Influencers
    • Here’s a template on how to contact them:
      Hello,My name is (Name) and I own (name of store). I was looking through your feed and I really like what you are posting. I have a brand that promotes products that I think your followers would like and I also think we can both make a lot of money together. I’m very interested in doing a promotion on your page. Please get back to me with some rates as soon as you can! Thank you.- Best regards.
  • Remove “powered by shopify” at the bottom
    • This not only makes you look even more professional but it makes you stand out!
  • Remove the logos off your product pictures
    • If ANY of your pictures have a logo in the top left corner that’s not yours… REMOVE IT. It’s your product so make it seem like it! ( Don’t break copyright laws)
  • Audit everything on your site
    • Go over EVERYTHING. Have mom or a sibling proof read the entire site. Make sure all words are spelled right and make everything is proper.
  • CREATE your own custom descriptions
    • I pray to god you all do this so help me…. This is so important please for the love of god almighty remove aliexpress descriptions.
  • Create shipping page
    • Customize your shipping page to your store. Also do a test purchase. (You can cancel once everything goes through so don’t worry).
    • Guys…. This is so very important. If I ever went to a website and it had low quality images I would absolutely, NEVER buy from there. Triple check that all your images are as good as they can get.
    • Also make sure your images are congruent to your products.


1. Abandonment protector Plus 

2. Sales Pop by Beeketing

3. Hurrify

4. Social Proof & Urgency by Banana Stand 

5. Frequently bought together + upsell.  

6. Rrfersion: Affliate Tracking

7. RetargetApp

8. Recart-messenger marketing & Abandoned Cart Toolbox


Top 25 List Of Free Dropship Suppliers

#1 – AliExpress.com  – One of the better ones out there that most marketers are using. The only downside is that their shipping can be extremely slow.

#2 – DX.com – A.K.A. Deal Extreme has been around for many years and has some amazing products that you could sell with great margins.

#3 – WholesaleCentral.com – One of the most comprehensive list of free drop shippers which you could find in virtually any niche! They are also free 🙂

#4 – FragranceNet – This is a great source if you are looking to sell perfumes and fragrances.

#5 – Vitabase – A great source to supply vitamins for skin, health and beauty drop shipped products.

#6 – DressLink.com – A great source if you plan on selling dresses with amazing margins.

#7 – Tiny Deal – Similar to DX but you could find unique products as well.

#8 – Milanoo – A great supplier of wedding dresses, prom dresses and even cosplay.

#9 – Dino Direct – Another awesome source for electronic products and gadgets.

#10 – DHGate – Similar to many other Chinese suppliers but worth taking a look at for some hidden deals.

#11 – TMart – Another great source for gadgets and gifts.

#12 – Geek Buying – A great source for geek / nerdy gadgets and technology.

#13 – Lovely Wholesale – An awesome source to find unique dresses and fashion designs.

#14 – China Vision – An awesome source for cheap electronics and gadgets.

#15 – Hinky Import – A unique niche drop shipper for Tibetan Jewelry and Buddha products.

#16 – Focal Price – This site has been around for a long time and great for gadgets and gifts.

#17 – Sammy Dress – One of the better dropship suppliers for unique clothing with a huge variety and HD graphics.

#18 – Rose Beading – A great source for Jewelry making products.

#19 – Buy Fengshui – A large variety of Fengshui products available for drop shipping.

#20 – Born Pretty – A great source to sell beauty and nail products.

#21 – Au Fragrances Of Paris – This has been around for a very long time and you could easily get to the owner to request drop shipping services.

#22 – Honest Green – A supplier of green and solar energy products.

#23 – Complete Medical – over 12,000 medical products available to dropship.

#24 – Cutting Edge Products – A large variety of home security and self defense products.

#25 – First Aid Product – A supplier of survival, first aid and disaster relief kits.

#26 – Wholesale Survival Kits – A great source for survival kits and food storage.

#27 – Hobby Tron – A large variety of hobby related products available for dropship.

#28 – Pet Stores USA – A supplier of pet products and over 2500 branded items. You will need to request for drop shipping access for this supplier.

#29 – Wholesale Hub – Similar to Wholesale Central where they have a list of drop shipping and wholesale suppliers.

#30 – Dollar Days – A huge list of dollar items which you could easily sell on your stores.

Another way to access a list of Dropshippers is to basically head over to Google and type in “Niche + Dropship” or “Niche + Dropshipping” or “Niche + Dropshipper” and try those 3 different combinations (replace Niche with your actual niche keyword).