What to sell

Choosing a product or service to sell

Digital products like ebooks, documents, music and graphics are the easiest to sell because the entire ordering and fulfillment (delivery) process can be automated. Your costs are reduced by not having to maintain a warehouse, and you have no shipping and handling expenses. Your profit margins are typically higher with digital products as well.

If you are planning to operate a service business online, then you need to realize that your website will function as an enhanced “brochure” describing your services. It can also provide online payment capabilities if you so choose.

Regardless of what you plan to sell, you should fully understand what the product or service costs you to purchase, what your operating and overhead costs are, and what you need to sell the product or service for in order to make a profit.

Once you have completed those tasks, you are ready to go online.


Some helpful places to start from

Drop Shipping

If you have nothing to sell in you inventory or do not want to take risk by using your resources to build inventory at startup. You can search for wholeseller’s who can ship merchandise to your customers.

A List of selected website links for wholesale buying

Look here for closeouts, liquidation sales, wholesale auctions and great deals on surplus goods.


A List of selected website links for Gloves manufacturers, exporters, importers and whole sale distributers. Online market is not yet saturated enough for many, otherwise, difficult to find products.

The Passport Photo Guide

An informational website

T-Shirt Business

Set up your own print on demand business.

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